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Avery & April Feast in Bed While Smashing Him

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Clip length: 00:08:54
Posted: 03/14/2019
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Category: Face Stuffing
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Curvy , BBW , Squashing , SSBBW , Feeder/Feedee

The last thing Matt needs at this point is MORE weight on his tired body. After a long day of filming, Avery and April were "starving." They asked if they could chow down on the Doritos, cupcakes, and donuts that I brought while smashing me in bed. I thought it'd be easy enough to handle with that soft mattress. I was wrong. They shoveled thousands of calories into their mouths getting heavier and heavier while my chest cavity got flatter and flatter. The weight really wore me down to a point where there were tremendously sharp pains in my chest. I wanted to tap so badly but I didn't want to interrupt the amazing feast and joy these luscious, amazing women were enjoying on top of me. It's quite the exciting experience... to be trapped beneath such impressive women while they gorge on food.

This was an epic one!

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