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Assassin - HD

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Posted: 03/07/2019
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James Bond is about to venture into a high stake game of poker. He is being debriefed by a hard nosed treasury employee, assigned to provide the money Bond needs to bankrupt the evil terrorists. She gives Bond a stern warning not to be frivolous or to let his ego get in the way! Inevitably, the poker game is the last thing on his mind, as he attempts to use his infamous charm to get her in to bed. However, it is Bond's addiction to beautiful women that will finally be his downfall...

He's lured to the bed (made to think he is about to successfully seduce another female member of HMRC), but instead of getting comfortable, he starts to feel ill and very weak. As he sinks into the bed, the supposed treasury assistant pulls out a knife! She tells Bond that she is in fact 'batting for the other side' and mocks him for allowing his penis to cloud his judgement.

This Femme Fatale takes full control and torments Bond by undressing slowly and provocatively. She laughs at the irony of the situation and shows Bond what he is NEVER going to have again! And when she's had her fun and humiliated poor James to breaking point, she tells him to brace himself as she lines up her knife...