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Assassin Expansion - Arielle Lane & Jasmin Jai

Price: $7.99
Clip length: 00:08:12
Posted: 02/26/2019
File size: 299.41 MB
Category: Body Inflation
Secondary categories:
Role Play , Transformation , Damsel in Distress , Breast Expansion , Brunette

Assassins Arielle Lane and Jasmin Jai wander through an abandoned warehouse looking for a target. Jasmin's sneakers and yoga pants contrast with Arielle's stilettos and business attire of a shiny blouse and short skirt. Jasmin confesses to luring Arielle there to take her out. Arielle tries leaving and defends herself by choking Jasmin who shoves a hose in Arielle's mouth. Turning the valve, water inflates her tits and makes her belly grow.

The tube is stuck and Arielle can't escape her growing body. The wide belt pops off her larger belly and the buttons of her blouse explode off her huge breasts. Jasmin hides and listens in horror when she hears Arielle pop in the other room!

This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email TorveaFilms at g m a i l dot com

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