Luna Lain

Ass Wish - Luna Lain

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Posted: 04/22/2018
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Category: Transformation
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Role Play , Taboo , Panty Fetish , Bra , Barely Legal

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Luna Lain comes home and cannot find her b*****r but finds a pair of panties on the sofa. It appears that he transformed himself into a pair of panties and his last wish was to be worn by his dear s****r. She finds it odd but puts them on. Luna wonders how it feels to be constantly be sat upon by her butt. That has to be a lot of pressure and possibly boring to live the rest of your life as a pair of lacy panties. There is nobody to talk to and now an eternity of being wedgied into ass cheeks and pussy. It will be so strange when she farts! Luna even pulls the cotton panel away so that her poor b*****r can breathe a little better. But since this was his last wish, Luna is resigned to let him live on her.

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