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Ami Mercury Toilet Training

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Posted: 03/24/2018
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Sub Training , Humiliation , Femdom POV , Ass Worship , Female Domination

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Featuring Ami Mercury!

Your Mistress called me because you are no good as a regular slave and need some slave toilet training. Maybe cleaning up our messes will be the best use of your talents. Don't look upset because I will train you to love and crave my piss. You are going to beg for every drop.

You are tied in the bathroom and will love your new life as a toilet. There will be no worries and you just sit there. There's no need to think and you can be a mindless toilet slave.

I have been holding in everything all day, so open your mouth. If you miss a drop, you will have to lick it off the dirty linoleum. Spreading my pussy lips, I pee (implied). Clean up every last drop because I don't want any drippage. I didn't think that you would pick it up so quickly, but maybe this is your destiny in life.

You look so cute with a reddened face and my piss all over your face. I hope your hungry for the next round as I turn around and spread my ass. Moaning in pleasure, I command you to take it like sucking cock (implied). Bury your tongue in my ass and lick it clean.

Your name is no longer slut, but toilet. You are no longer a he, but a receptacle. Your Mistress is going to be so pleased that you are trained and ready for her.

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