Sherry Stunns

Ami Mercury & Sherry Stunns Burping

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Posted: 07/16/2018
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Ami Mercury and Sherry Stunns chug sodas after a long workout. It's refreshing and they enjoy the carbonation as it goes down their throats. A little burp comes out of Ami and Sherry is surprised, but demonstrates how to let out a deep belch. Ami is determined to reach that level of passing gas and drinks more so she can compete.

They encourage each other as they slurp the pop and give you their undivided attention. Opening their ruby red lips, they burp in your face. Sherry even has names for her different types of burps and demonstrates the cock burp. It looks like she is gagging on your dick as she deepthroats you! Ami does a good job imitating her new mentor and they love teasing you with their sexy skills!

OTHER KEYWORDS- Amy Mercury, big tits, Sherry Stuns, @SherryStunns1