Sherry Stunns

Ami Mercury Pee Desperation

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Posted: 07/18/2018
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Category: Peeing
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Nerdy Girls , Drinking , Humiliation , Embarrassment , Desperation

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Ami Mercury is thirsty and noisily chugs a lot of water. It doesn't take long before she has to pee, but she doesn't want to miss her show. Holding her knees, she rocks back and forth hoping she can hold it.

Once the ads start she runs to the bathroom, but the door is stuck. She alternates using her hands to hold back the pressure between her legs and pulling or pushing on the door. Doing the potty dance, she's irked that there is only one bathroom in the house.

All of a sudden she realizes that she can't hold it anymore and piss spurts out of her bare pussy. A giant puddle surrounds her and she has pee all over her legs! This is her most humiliating and embarrassing situation!

OTHER KEYWORDS- desperation, female desperation, stuck, Amy Mercury