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Ami Mercury Mouth Tour

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Posted: 07/17/2018
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Nerdy Girls , Teeth , Tongue , POV , Eye Glasses

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Featuring Ami Mercury!

I want to give you a mouth tour! Look as my pink tongue sensually licks my red lips. I know you want to see deep inside as I stick my long tongue out and say ahhhhh. Do you see how my lower teeth are crooked? It's because some of my teeth never fell out and they are sticking around for the party in my mouth. Pulling my lips open with my fingers I show off my fillings. Don't you love dancing your tongue across your teeth to feel how smooth they are? I gulp and swallow to make my uvula dance and make that cool gagging noise.

My tongue darts throughout my mouth and you can see the veins. I love how far it can stretch and show you the underside because nobody ever sees it which makes it extra naughty. It's kind of like when someone yawns. This is our private little moment.

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