Sherry Stunns

Afternoon Nap - Sherry Stunns

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Posted: 07/16/2018
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Gags , Damsel in Distress , Toys , Forced Orgasms , Bondage

Sherry Stunns is taking a nap and does not see the intruder enter. He wants to make sure that she stays asleep. Ragdolling her arms, he confirms that she won't be giving him any problems. Her panties are ripped off and he keeps them as a souvenir.

Flopping her heavy body forward, he ducttapes her arms to her ankles in a frog tie. Even as she awakens, he quickly remedies the situation. More duct  tape goes under her huge tits and around her elbows before he secures her thighs and calves.

This bitch will not stay quiet but a tap gag limits the noise to moans and mmphs. while he vibrates her exposed clit. More tape is needed and he secures her legs even tighter. Single strips of tape are placed on her pussy and tits, then viciously yanked off so that she feels everything even more!

To prevent Sherry from moving away from the vibe while wiggling, he tapes it to her body. Despite being afraid, she cums hard. Time to make her go to s***p again, but he leaves the hitachi running for when she wakes up again!

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