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Posted: 03/15/2019
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Eyes , Sleeping - Knockouts , Kissing , BellyButton

Hannah and Catherine are relaxing on the bed just talking about what they are going to do with their time off. Hannah tells Catherine that her belly looks cute in her outfit. Catherine tells Hannah that she can play with her belly. Hannah thinks that they should do it a little differently and that she should be sleeping when she plays with Catherine's belly. Hannah uses a white rag to make Catherine go to s***p since she agreed to do it. Once Catherine is out Hannah begins to pick up her limp arm and legs to make sure she is sleeping. Then Hannah begins to rub on Catherines belly and say how smooth it is. Hannah begins kissing and rubbing on Catherine's belly. Then Catherine wakes up, Hannah asks her how it feels. Hannah thinks that Catherine should have a turn. Catherine makes Hannah go to s***p with the white rag. Once Hannah is s***p Catherine thinks its funny that Hannah is really out and says she likes Hannah's fit belly. Catherine picks up Hannah's limp arm and rubs on her. Hannah wakes up and Catherine asks her if she had fun. Hannah replies with if she could remember it. Then they go for round two with Hannah putting Catherine to s***p. Catherine's eyes roll back and Hannah tells her to just breath it in and to let her eyes roll back. Hannah begins to admire Catherine's belly some more. As Hannah is kissing Catherine's belly, she begins to wake up and now its Catherine's turn to put Hannah to s***p. Cathering tells Hannah to just go to s***p and breath deep. Catherine says how adorable Hannah's tummy is as she rubs on her belly. Catherine kisses her belly saying so pretty. Hannah wakes up and asks what happened. Hannah laughs and says Catherine was perving on her belly. Catherine's turn to go to s***p and she easily agrees to it. Hannah kisses Catherine's belly and says she love how Catherine just goes out. Hannah rubs and kisses on Catherine's belly and she wakes up. Catherine puts Hannah to s***p and has her turn with Hannah's belly. Hannah wakes up and Catherine tells her good morning. Hannah stretches a bit and asks if it is morning again.

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