A Good Night for Sex

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Posted: 01/16/2017
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“A Good Night for Sex”

Starring Olive and MaX CoXXX

 Olive had a long night and fell a***** wide-eyed and naked on the bed, with her seductive body on full display, her boyfriend MaX cannot control his urges when he see’s her perky tits and shaved puss. 

 MaX grab’s her arms and flops them back and fourth a little before pushing her torso up a couple times and watching her large juicy tits bounce as she fell back to the mattress. Next MaX flops her over and pats her ass as she flops over to the side. He rolls her body over and begins to lick her sugar puss getting it nice and juicy for his big cock.

MaX grabs Olive’s hand and lets her rub his cock until he penetrates it deep into her filling that puss up and fucking away. Letting his hard cock slide in and out of Olive, with a big moan MaX cums and shoves his cock deep in her one last time and pulls out. 

MaX gets up to take a shower letting Olive s***p her night off. 

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Limp, Pussy Licking, Big Tits, Body Play, Body Views, Ass Views, Foot Views.

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