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Your New Zipper Fetish (1080p HD)

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Clip length: 00:06:14
Posted: 07/26/2012
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Category: Fetish Clothing
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Upskirt , Masturbation Instruction , Humiliation , Cock Tease , BDSM

Since you are already a naughty pervert it's time to expand your horizons beyond the addiction you surely have for my feet, legs, ass and/or tits.With this surprisingly sensual video, I will introduce you to your new zipper fetish. Watch and your twitchy jerk-stick will learn to crave the simple sight and sound of a zipper. After repeated viewings you will begin getting aroused in your daily vanilla life when you use a zipper or see someone else use a zipper.The way I zip up my tight little sweater then so slowly unzip it again and again will have you throbbing and begging to be my zipper addict. Once I have begun teaching your loser dick to get stiff and need to cum when you hear or see a zipper I will have invaded your life. By making this every day object a focus of your perversion I will make you think of me and what I have done to you every time you are near a zipper!

*Note: full of cleavage, toned tummy worship and up skirt panty teasing. The audio is crisp and clear so that you can hear every zip.(1920x1080pHD)

Contains elements of the following: zipper fetish, zippers, fetish, BDSM, masturbation instruction, audio, tease, belly, breasts, up skirt, panty, schoolgirl skirt, humiliation, Goddess Kyaa, new addictions, new fetish, creating fetishes