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Yoga Pants Cum Shot (FULL)

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Posted: 10/14/2013
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I have made a dramatic leap towards full fledged porn star in my latest sexy masterpiece "Yoga Pants Cum Shot".  I am enjoying my first personal training session with a muscular young stud when I notice he's getting kind of inappropriate with his spotting techniques for my "Downward Dog" stretch.  I also can't help but notice his rock hard cock shoving it's way out of his track pants!  So to remind him who the real Princess is, I sit him down in a chair and grind my PERFECT Yoga Pant BOOTY all over his body.  Note: My Elite Fan "Marc" spent a small fortune purchasing me many sexy new yoga outfits and these pants particularly look AMAZEBALLS on my ass, even I couldn't keep my hands off my ass in these pants!

Well it doesn't take long for this impromptu lap dance to turn XXX as I remove his pants and tease him further as I wrap my fingers around his stiff cock and jerk it for him.  I can tell I have my trainer 100% obsessed with me at this point (just the way I like it).

I break out the lube and things get even more intense as we put on a clinic of sexy, erotic, mind-blowing sex positions focusing on my PERFECT ASS.  I won't remove my pants, but instead enjoy making him masterbate for over 20 minutes of premium video.  

First I stroke his cock and balls in a standing position.

Then he bends me over a chair so I can tease his cock (and the camera) with my rear end as he humps me from behind and jerks off to the incredible view.

Next I bend over doggy style as he reverse mounts me from above, giving the main camera and his POV camera another great view of my ass shaking and grinding all over his package.

My trainer can't help but get behind me, and I bounce and grind my booty back into him as he has the time of his life.

Next, I show off my riding skills as I mount him Reverse Cowgirl in a modified Lazy Doggy style that few pornstars even know about!  But I am an Incredible PRINCESS and a Rockstar in the sack!  This unique position is captured by both the main camera, and a POV angle.

I take my trainer to the edge as I straddle his face for some premium FACESITTING with my Yoga Pant covered ass, reach forward and deliver the hottest HAND JOB you'll ever see!

The grand finale cums when I bend over for the cameras and allow him to finish himself off all over my PERFECT BOOTY.  He makes an absolute mess on my Yoga Pants, but that's ok because he'll buy me more.  LOL.


This is almost a 25 minute video with Amazing View, after Amazing View.  If you like Yoga Pants, Hand Jobs, Facesitting, Jerk Off, Cum Shot or Ass Worship this will be your new favourite clip!  I bet you'll lose your load 10 times before ever finishing the clip, my ASS is just THAT GOOD!