Goddess Canna

Worship your new Religion, Goddess Canna

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Posted: 06/27/2013
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Category: Goddess Worship
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Religious , Female Domination

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Are you looking for meaning in your life?  Purpose to make your pathetic existence less dull and empty?  I am all you will ever need.  Worship your new Goddess Canna, your new Religion.  Why are you praying to false gods you don't worship?  Worship ME instead.  My perfection, my immaculate creation, my amazing beauty, do you really need more?

I am the meaning of your life, THE purpose.  Serving me, making me happy, giving me everything is your purpose.  My website GoddessCanna.com is your bible.  My worn panties and shoes are your cross to hold while you pray on your knees.  Give your tithe to me, not a false idol.  I am the real deal.  I will give you everything you need if you loyally follow my commands and pray to me for salvation.  Get on your knees and start praying now, you have a lot of time to make up for.  Email for your commandments today goddesscanna@goddesscanna.com.