Work-Out Timestop

Price: $17.00
Clip length: 00:23:13
Posted: 04/11/2013
File size: 511.66 MB
Category: Dolls

Eighteen year old Alana Rains is in her room working out when a guy passing by her window notices. He watches for a bit and decides to timestop her in mid-stretch with his timestop watch. He comes in and takes her shirt off then sets her up again in the stretch again and goes outside and restarts time. She is confused, wondering how her shirt got off, but continues after putting it back on. From outside, Rock stops time again, this time coming in and taking her shorts off, he plays with her a bit, posing her, then goes out and restarts time. Alana is really confused to why her clothes keep falling off, but shrugs it off and continues, she grabs a glass of water and starts to sip. Rock, seeing this, stops time in mid drink, causing the water to pour all over her body. He then comes in and strips her and lays her down on the bed and starts to fuck her till he cums all over her stomach. After he finishes with the bitch, he leaves her there for her f****y to find.


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