Humiliation by Rene

Thanks for the Ride!

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Posted: 09/12/2016
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Older Man/Younger Woman , Masturbation Instruction , Financial Domination , Cock Tease , Female Domination
You and your wife just got back and I'd been babysitting. You nicely offer to drive me home... but I can't help noticing how you can't keep your eyes on the road! Why don't you just fucking pull over before we get into a car wreck?! Gosh! You can't stop staring at my long legs in this short skirt, can you? You poor thing, so deprived and horny. You and your boring old wife probably never fuck anymore. Go ahead, I won't tell, jerk it to my hot, young body. Stroke it right here for my perky boobs and pretty face. It feels good, doesn't it? You want to cum for me too, I can tell. I bet you'll blow a huge load. You've been fantasizing about this for a long time! Now, don't forget to give me a BIG tip or I'll have to tell your wife what just happened!  [Includes female domination, masturbation instruction, b-lackmail, JOI, older male/younger female, babysitter fantasy. Shot in HD]