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Posted: 09/20/2013
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Category: Female Domination
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Tit Worship , Humiliation , Goddess Worship , Financial Domination , Femdom POV

Mine - *The dark side of Domination.*

Hello, slave. How are you doing today? Let me guess: you're feeling submissive, weak, desperate, horny. Craving to be humiliated and abused. I know, I know. You're so predictable. How many times have you tried to stop this addiction to me? Every single time you try to stop, you fucking fail, just like you do at everything else in life. I have you so mindfucked that you can't stay away. Without me, you are useless, utterly worthless. Stop trying... you know that you'll never be able to leave, right? You don't have the strength or the confidence to leave me, and you never will. With each video you watch and every word you cling onto, you lose a little bit more of that strength, and you become a little bit more of a stupid, mindfucked slave. What are you without me? Think about that: you are nothing. Absolutely fucking nothing. You can't function properly without me. You think about me at work, you think about me when you come home, and then you turn on the computer, and maybe you still try to resist, even as you're sending your hard earned money over to me. From a real man to a stupid, brainless worm, writhing at my feet... you are Mine, all mine, to do with as I please.

A companion clip to My Good Little Pet, the sweet side of Domination.

This clip contains: bra & panties, brainwash, female domination, femdom, financial domination, goddess worship, humiliation, lingerie, mental domination, mind fuck, tit worship