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Posted: 07/06/2013
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Category: Financial Domination
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High Heels , Bikini , Brunette , Humiliation , Brat Girls

Today I show how I make pay pigs unable to say "no" to my tribute requests. So come on take your wallet , it's time to pay! "No?" You are not going to pay? Well. Let me show how I turn your NO in a YES. It's so easy for me..expecially since I have this thigh ass and these big boobs. I show you my ass and your NO becomes a YES immediately: first tribute gone. This is fair: it's not good to pay a woman for sex, pay pig needs to pay the woman he can NEVER have! Maybe I can allow you to lick my shoes...maybe... I want the second tribute now...mmm..are you trying to say NO once again? Well you must know that I will take off my panties after your tribute...are you sure to say NO? hahahah ...Ok, maybe you shouldn't buy this video if you don't want to be drained to ashes hahah ...if you are brave enough, get ready to say bye bye to your wallet :)