Lyne Financial Dominatrix

Mesmerized Boob Zombie

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Posted: 12/28/2012
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Category: Tits

I would say someone is mesmerized by My perfect boobs, huh? You watch My hands as they rub up and down My cleavage.. I bet you're SOOO jealous right now, practically green with envy! Wishing your hands were mine! Hahaha.. you are a boob zombie… completely addicted to My perfect boobs. you want them don't you? But you can't have them… these boobs aren't for you! NEVER! But I do love to tease you with them.. because I know just how much you want them and just how WEAK they make you. you love EVERYTHING about My perfect boobs. No matter what you do you cannot break your addiction to My perfect cleavage! I bet you're watching this thin fabric over My nipples and just HOPING something pops out, huh? you want it so badly you can almost feel it… taste it… hahaha… you have quite the imagination My little mesmerized boob zombie!!