Melody Mind-Fucked By Shrink

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Posted: 10/10/2013
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Category: BDSM

Melody Jordan and Maxwell Bhear - Melody is at her weekly therapy appointment, she complains about work and boyfriends when her therapist, Dr. Max, suggests she try mind-fuck therapy. She asks him if it really works, and he assures her it does as he pulls a watch out of his pocket and starts to swing it in front of her face. He speaks softly to her as she goes down, guiding her to a controlled s***p state. He asks her what her problems in life are, and she replies that she has no problems and that she is just a normal girl with a crush on her therapist. Max decides it's time for her to do something about it, so he tells her to stand up and take her shirt off and shake her huge tits in his face. She does what she is told, then he tells her to strip her bottoms off, and to refer to him as Master, she replies with a subservient "Yes Master". He tells her to crawl up to him, then he tells her that she is a kitty and she starts  to nuzzle his crotch. She is such a good kitty that he decides that she will be called Fifi. He takes her panties and dangles them in front of her like a cat toy, and she jumps at them and rolls over and  tosses them in the air and plays with them. Then she starts to lick her wrists and clean herself. Max tells her that his penis is catnip and she rushes at it and starts to playfully fondle and play with it. He then tells her to stop acting like a cat, and worship his cock, and she sucks it till he cums deep inside of her mouth. He then tells her to get dressed and lay back down, and that she will remember nothing that has happened and wakes her up. *Explicit Sexual Content

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