Samantha Grace

Kymberly Self Bound & Gagged MOV

Price: $13.99
Clip length: 00:13:07
Posted: 05/03/2012
File size: 518.47 MB
Category: BDSM
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Strip Tease , Dancing , Lingerie , Tease & Denial , Bondage

Kymberly decides to make a special little video for you while, you where working hard at work all day. Being your gorgeous house wife, she loves to play kinky little games. Kym is wearing a shear baby doll nightie and a cute matching thong. She has some rope and struggles to bind her ankles, knees, and tights, claiming you always bind her better then, she binds herself. Kymberly really struggles and somehow manages to tie her wrist. She can only do this with hands in front and she has to use her teeth. It is so cute watching her struggle.

Once Kym secures herself, she brings out her cute matching pink bit gag. She pops it in her mouth and plays around before she secures it. Once the bit gag is secured she struggles and gag talks. Asking you to "save her". She moves in such a seductive manner showing off her gag, her batting eyes, and her ass.

Kym then moves on to her diamond looking pink ball gag. Before putting the gag in, she pops it in and out of her mouth. She giggles, and gag talks. Once she manages to secure the gag, she gag talks asking you to seal her lips. As she wiggles. Kym then finds a large pair of panties and gags herself with them. Once gagged she puts clear tape over her mouth and gags. These panties really muffle her gag talking. You can barely her a word she says, as she sways her body in rope, shouting "SAVE ME!"

Kym then saves the best for last, her pink handkerchief cleave gag. She knows you love this one. She really takes her time, on this one.You can tell this is also a gag she loves. Kym struggles and moans, into a level of pleasure. She just wiggles in such a sexy manner. Her words through her gag are absolutely seductive.

The video ends and Kym blows you a kiss.... we both know what is going to happen when you get home. Kym is so girlie and cute in the video. Everything about this video screams feminine sexuality.