Frozen Twins

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Posted: 02/18/2013
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when Dr. Jaclyn Petersen is an up and comer in the political ring, she wants to make sure the moral fiber is maintained in her fair city. Today she has a meeting with the owner of a wax museum, she doesn’t like his work because of the sexual implications. But the only reason she’s set up a meeting is she did some snooping and finds out that the was figures in the museum are real people and she has an idea to get rid of her twin s****r an now her opposing candidate in the upcoming election. She never has liked her s****r, she doesn’t like the wax museum but she hates her s****r and this will be one way she can win the upcoming election, so this may be just the thing. The owner promised to take care of the problem and it seems as if he has a plan of his own, after all two are always better than one. She shows up and finds her s****r has been frozen and is basking in the glory of her well hatched plan. However the owner offers her a drink and she has no idea whats about to happen. She enjoys her beverage until it renders her helpless. Next the owner of the was museum calls his twin b*****r to come over and help out so to speak. When he does he decides maybe slicing off a little would be a good idea and he takes matters in his own hand with her twin s****r Chrissy Schultz. After they play with the girls for a while its time to get them dripped and on display in the wax museum.

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