Creepy Janitors Timestop Nurse and Patient

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Clip length: 00:22:35
Posted: 02/18/2013
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Category: Dolls

Creepy Janitors Timestop Nurse and Patient Tegan Mohr, Olive, Rock and Jack – Jacks been in the janitor game for a long time, and now he is training Rock to take over his job at the hospital. Rock is young, eager and horny, and quickly asks Jack about the girls at the hospital, Jack tells him that he has a timestop watch which he uses to stop time and fuck the girls. So they walk into a room where Nurse Olive is tending to Tegan and the guys stop time and they start to undress and fondle them, then Rock fucks Olive, then fucks Tegan in the mouth and pussy. *Explicit Sexual Content

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