The Divine Goddess Jessica

BBC Addiction Therapy

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Posted: 12/05/2013
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Category: Bi Humiliation

My request:

You are a therapist that I am seeing because I, a straight white male, am disturbed by my intense arousal at the sight of black cock. You quickly explain that it’s common for white boys with a cuckold fetish to get addicted to interracial porn because they see black men as different and sexually superior.Over time the BBC becomes necessary for the cuckold’s pleasure. (Here’s where you get devious and your sadist shines through[pictures start]) You say that the fix is very simple, all I need to do to cure my homoerotic tendencies is to replace my jealous feelings, the ones that cuckolds enjoy, with ones of worship and adoration. You tell me that if I openly express my admiration for the power of black cocks that I will be cured.

To prove this you ask me to masturbate while looking at the pictures and praising them. You begin asking for my observations about the cock’s power and beauty. Towards the end you stop with the dick pics and make me tell you how much better that was with your technique. You tell me that I should repeat that exercise every day. To reward me for my effort you dance sexily and count me down to cum.  

TL;DR - Do whatever you want. The big deal is that I want to be tricked into worshipping BBC on your behalf but I prefer clips where the lady isn't screaming “faggot” the whole time. Thanks for your hard work!