Alisha Mind-Fucked and Trained

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Clip length: 00:17:32
Posted: 11/27/2013
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Category: BDSM

Alisha Adams and Miles -  Alisha is hanging out with her buddy Miles, an Army Drill Sergeant, she tells him how tired she is from work and he tells her he has been trying out mind-fucking, and has gotten pretty good at it, he tells her that 10 minutes under is like 8 hours of s***p, she agrees and Miles puts her under, and brings her under his control!

Miles orders Alisha to take off her clothes and fold them, he then tells her to make a pig face, then has her do some humiliating and strenuous Army work outs, she obeys and does them all, showing off her sexy body as she stretches and moves.

He then has her roll around on the ground and picks up her feet and worships them while she plays with her tits. He tells her to crawl around then put her clothes back on, then he brings her back, knowing nothing of the humiliation and training she just went through!

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