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2 schoolgirls fighting with a lot of wedgies!

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Clip length: 00:10:08
Posted: 03/13/2019
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Pregnant , Panty Fetish , Asshole , Spanking

Customer wrote: Start video with girl 2 pushing girl 1 into the room, girl 2 is a bully and girl 1 is a new girl who is a nerd and the bully is now singling her out.

Girl 2 tells girl 1 to start on their homework and girl 1 reluctantly agrees, then girl 2 knocks her books on the floor and demands her to pick them up so she does then girl 2 reaches down and wedgies girl 1 hard, being surprised that a nerd is wearing such sexy underwear

She wedgies and spanks girl 1 in various positions (standing, piledriver, against a wall, bent over something, laying down on stomach, jock lock, on all 4s, head down ass up, atomic wedgie and/or shoulder if you can, chair wedgie if possible maybe even hanging?) Until her thong finally rips off

Girl 1 mourns her undies and rubs her butt on the floor while girl 1 laughs away and says many more or coming, this makes girl 1 furious as she attacks girl 2 who turned her back and wedgies her panties hard making fun of how girly and lame they are, also saying she knows how to deal with bullies better than most nerds

Girl 1 wedgies and spanks girl 2 in all the positions she just received  while girl 2 breaks down like a little girl, crying and begging her to stop while girl 1 makes fun of her, now in the bully rollVideo ends with girl 1 ripping off girl 2's panties and leaving her to suffer saying that she is now the nerd and will do her homework and girl 2 agrees mourning her underwear and rubbing her butt

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